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Nabídka zajímavých investičních příležitostí a nemovitostí k podnikání

About Us

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Portal of real business estate and investment opportunities

originated on the basis of many years of experience in complicated search for real estate , investment, financial and economic opportunities for big companies as well as small applicants, namely by demand from direct owners, use of private and public information, from landscape plans and real estate cadastres through various real estate, investment and mediatory servers.

Nearly every expanding company either is looking for a suitable real estate, land, production, warehouse etc. for its business, or has a real estate in its property which they would like to evaluate or offer for rent or sale. Firm owners want – from various reasons – to offer their firms to a suitable successor or they want to expand with their company.

The same situation is in the area of investment, financial products, subsidies, sale of firms or shares, (= area of M&A – mergers and acquisitions, capital interconnection or the mentioned search for suitable successors), further in the area of economic and financial advice, audits, lawyer services or current information from business.

Current experience shows that there is no comprehensive demand and offer on one portal, demands and offers are published on various servers and Websites and getting the information you need is a lengthy process.

The aim of this portal is to make all demands and offers from all areas of business available so they can reach everybody who visits the pages and inserts mentioned real estate offer, investment opportunity, co-operation etc. in the appropriate section with their contact.

Real estate demands and business opportunies are free of charge. The inserted demand is immediately published and made available to the general public, owners, firms, mediators, professional chambers and partner companies in the Czech Republic and localities of interest.

Enter your request in the appropriate category and you can engage in other activities, the portal will work for you.

The portal of real estate offers does not replace real estate web portals.





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